Methodology Module

The methodology project was a tough one, but came to be the most important of all the modules. I learned the most about myself, how I cope, and how I plan to cope in the future. I learned to be creative, motivated, and self-reflective. While many may not be able to relate to all of my experience, many will relate to my experience during this crisis.

Digital journalism allowed me to creatively tell my story in entertaining, visual, and interactive ways. Personally, by using StoryMap JS, I could tell my own story in a unique way that could also be relatable to others.

Here you can see how my personalized approach can help enhance a story. Out of the 12 categories for digital journalism, the personalized approach was the best fit for the story I told. By personalizing the story, it wasn’t just any story. It was an experience that almost everyone can relate to. The emotions I felt, may be exactly what someone else was feeling.

Here is an example I worked with that gave me my own ideas on how to use media in my story. I wanted images that obviously related to the story, but also related to my experience. The images paired with the words are meant to provoke an emotion.

Stories can be told in a lot of ways; through visuals, words, or sounds. The goal with mine was to use as many ways as possible to form an interesting and provoking experience. While I didn’t get to sounds, I do think the way I did tell this story worked well.

Enjoy my story: